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As preferential trade agreements like the USMCA and special programs like the Generalized System of Preferences become increasingly complex, companies are facing a growing sense of confusion and uncertainty. We provide comprehensive, turn-key solutions including full supplier solicitation, product qualification analysis, support document review and correction as well as certificate creation.

Preferential trade agreements and special programs provide reduced duty rates, sometimes duty-free, for eligible imports to the countries that are a party to the agreement. While the reduced duty rates under various agreements offer benefits to exporters in the form of increased global business opportunities and benefits to importers with lower duty costs, the qualification requirements for preferential trade agreements are complex. Submission of inaccurate or incomplete special program or preferential trade documentation or making a claim on an ineligible product may subject the exporter or importer to penalties and/or fines.

Determining if a product qualifies for benefits under a particular preferential trade agreement or special program is more than filling out a form or presuming “I make it here so it must qualify.” There are specific rules of origin, documentation requirements, and other regulatory obligations that must be satisfied; the most critical of which is having accurate Harmonized Tariff Schedule (“HTS”) classifications for your finished goods and component parts or materials.

We will classify your products and components in accordance with all country-specific requirements under the HTS to ensure the proper rule of origin is being applied. Once the tariff classifications have been finalized, we will review bills of material, product specifications/technical information, supporting supplier certificates, and other backup documentation to ensure the accurate qualification of your eligible products under these cost-saving agreements and programs.

Working with your suppliers is a critical part in having your finished products qualify for benefits under a preferential trade agreement or special program. We will prepare and send a customized supplier solicitation to your suppliers for the necessary preferential trade agreement/special program documentation. As the trade documentation from your suppliers must be accurate to be accepted, we will audit all responses to ensure the information provided is correct and complies with all requirements specified by the preferential trade agreement or special program.

Upon completion of the qualification analysis, we will create and maintain a database, in whatever electronic format you choose, to provide a comprehensive listing of all preferential trade agreement/special program qualification information (e.g. HTS classification, preference criterion, regional value content information, country of origin, etc.) for your ongoing use. This will allow us to complete trade-related documentation requested by your customers, e.g. USMCA certifications or Generalized System of Preferences declarations for the products supplied to your customers.

We offer:

  • Customized service to fit your needs
  • Strong background working with bill of material modules of the major ERP/MRP systems
  • Experience in qualification analysis across global preferential trade agreements and special programs
  • Ability to handle all sizes of product qualification and supplier solicitation projects
  • Demonstrated results allowing companies to maximize savings and opportunities with preferential trade agreements and special programs
  • Proven results providing qualification rationale for audit-trail purposes

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let’s work together

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